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Norse Project - History of the brand

The Danish company was founded in 2004 by Tobia Sloth, Anton Juul and Mikkel Grønnebæk. Originally, the three founders wanted to start a streetwear retail business. Originally, the three founders wanted to set up a retail business for streetwear. Their plans quickly changed after they had rapid success with their own fashion collection in 2009. In 2015, "Norse Projects" made it to the top 15 list of the best Scandinavian fashion brands in "Complex" magazine.

What makes Norse Project so special

By collaborating with a wide range of artists, the brand proves its flexibility and variation. This is also clearly reflected in their fashion. The company's mission is to make every wearer of their products feel comfortable in them.

Inspired by Scandinavian nature, Norse Project produces products in modern and minimalist designs. For the colour scheme, the guys from Norse Project rely on earthy colours. All the fabrics in their collections are made from premium European materials, proving durability for the wearer.

Top sellers and their special features

The most popular garments are the classic hoodies and shirts for men. A special weaving technique makes the flannel fabric very soft and comfortable to wear

In addition, Norse Project has a very popular accessories line with warm scarves, gloves and various headwear. All this and more can be found at Allike.


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There is an absolute sense of permanence regarding all of Norse Projects' creations. The Danish brand is a real collective project that legitimately pursues necessary values related to fashion. Design, functionality and experience are all inevitable parts of their style journey. Concepts such as timeless design, classic meets modern, and the very hands-on end of creating clothes that are as eternal today as ever, are also part of Norse Projects' identity as a creative group. Created to improve life - good for all seasons.