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Born in California, made to be worn all over the world, Vans is way more than just a brand. The label founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren simply represents a way of life. Skating or surfing, wearing the Authentic, Slip-on, or the Sk8-High, we all took part in the great California chronicle that the world now knows about.

History of the brand

The company was originally called the Van Doren Rubber Company. They produced and still produce sports shoes for sports like skateboarding, snowboarding and BMX. The Sk8-Hi was the first skateboarding shoe at that time. Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva, Bucky Lasek, Dustin Dollin, Steve Caballero were among the best skaters in the world and wore this shoe. Then the shoes were exported all over the world and Vans became a cult brand.

Influence on the fashion scene

As the brand became a cult brand, the shoes were considered trendy, sporty and casual at the same time. A new trend was created for the fashion scene. Because there were new developments not only in shoes. The casual style of the modern world for young people was discovered. Trendy and sporty clothes were complemented by Vans sneakers. The shoes were also available in all kinds of variations. Whether simply colourful, with motifs or patterns, the shoe was new and cool. The most famous models have a fabric pattern with cherries, checks or stripes. The range includes loafers, hi tops, low tops, ballerinas, boots, sandals and more. The best-selling shoe was the Vans Slip on, which has no lacing. The Vans emblem did the rounds, a curved stitch on the outside of the shoes. The special thing about the shoes is their simplicity, stability and novelty.

Top models of the brand and their special features

The top model is probably still the Vans Slip on. It belongs to the low-tops and is to be slipped into. Today, it's probably an essential part of the skater, punk and emo scene. It is also a very popular lifestyle shoe. It is often bought in the black and white check pattern variation, because it is simply iconic. The Vans OTW is a hi-top and is usually made of leather. They are classically worn in black or brown. They are high-necked and have a lacing. They also belong to the category of authentic street fashion. The Vans Syndicate are low tops, but laced and also highly fashionable. They are often sold in classic colours like black and made in leather. There are new collections every year. The current collection in 2012 is a Vans Syndicate in black leather with a leopard print.

Prominent Vans wearers

Vans sneakers have become famous not only on the street but also among stars and starlets. For example, they were used in the cult series „O. C., California“ by Seth Cohen. The frontman of the band Slipknot, Corey Taylor, also wore the Vans sneakers. This made the shoes popular in the music scene, especially in the hip hop, punk, rock and house scene. Thus, the Vans sneakers almost belong to the must-haves of today. They are popular, cool, casual, sporty and even elegant. They have even won out over the Converse Chucks brand „All Stars“.