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No sneaker has dominated the footwear markets like the famous Chuck Taylor’s have. For decades these cult sneakers have been part of people`s lives and made Converse one of the most successful shoe companies of all times.

Converse shoes are distinguished by a number of features, including the company's star insignia, the All Star's rubber sole, smooth rounded toe, and wrap-around strip.

History of the brand

The well-known Coverse All Star shoe in black was first developed in 1917. The often-used name "Chucks" was given to the popular shoes by the signature on the rubber badge of Chuck Taylor, who began to promote the sneakers intensively. After several changes of ownership, the Converse brand is now part of Nike and has sold almost a billion pairs of the coveted shoes.

Influence on the fashion scene

In particular, young people wore Converse All Star sneakers in the 70s, the flower power movement, as a sign of rebellion to provoke their parents' generation, who mostly only wore elegant leather shoes. Later, along with Dr. Martens boots, the shoes were cult in the punk scene, where they were decorated with band names, with pens or felt-tip pens. Now the shoes have become very popular among emos, but also in the hip-hop scene. The fashionable basketball shoes can be found again and again in many music videos. But because the sneakers are very comfortable and there are now many different, fashionable models that no longer look like sports shoes, but more and more like everyday shoes, they are no longer bought exclusively by the younger generation, but have also become very familiar to all age groups. Whether worn with tight R&R jeans and a leather jacket, shorts, jeans or an everyday dress, sneakers always look very fashion-conscious. Even at parties and discos, Chucks are welcome shoes.

The brand's top models and their special features

The best-selling sneakers from Converse are the Converse All Star, which are also considered the epitome of sneakers, and have hardly changed since their early days. Only the colours and the pattern of the basketball shoes made of canvas and rubber soles vary and can therefore keep up with every taste and trend. On Converse's American website, you can even create your own Chucks.

Prominent Converse owners

Elvis Presley wore black Chucks and James Dean helped make the shoes so popular in everyday life. Mick Jagger also realised that the shoes did not only go well with normal outfits and wore the white ones very stylishly with a black suit at his wedding in 1971. Murdock also appeared in the popular series A-Team wearing black Converse Chucks and in many music videos, such as Avril Lavigne's, you can see Converse fashion shoes again and again. In 2008, Carine Roitfeld, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, wore gold Chucks at fashion shows in Milan. Even now, stars and It girls like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie wear Converse All Star Chucks with many outfits on photo shoots or in everyday life for shopping, for example. Over time, even luxury copies of the sneakers have been developed by brands like Prada. But the classic Converse All Star is something for everyone, because they come in all variations and you can combine them with everything. They are very comfortable and everyone, old and young, short and tall, fat and thin, can wear them! It's not for nothing that these shoes are the best-selling shoes in the world and are copied by many low-cost manufacturers!