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History of the Nike brand

Nike is the world's largest manufacturer of sporting goods. The company is based in the USA, more precisely in Beaverton, in the state of Oregon, and has been the leading sports goods manufacturer since 1989. The US company currently employs around 71,000 people in various countries. The company as it exists today was founded in 1971. The company was previously called "Blue Ribbon Sports" and was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman, a former sports coach, and Philip Knight. Over the years, Nike developed into the largest sports goods manufacturer in the world. Among other things, the company produces high-quality sportswear. In addition, the US sports goods manufacturer is also known for its shoes. These are characterised by their high quality. Not for nothing do Nike shoes enjoy an excellent reputation. We can only advise you to buy Nike shoes cheaply in our online shop.

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