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Hi-Tec Sports is founded by Frank van Wezel in the appropriately named village of Shoeburyness, England. Frank's love for sport leads him to build an innovative, lightweight and instantly comfortable Squash shoe. A lot has changed since then and you can buy the latest models here.

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Hi-Tec - perfection on foot

The history of a cult brand 

Since 1974, the Hi-Tec Sports brand has been an established name in the field of high-quality sports and leisurewear. The company, based in Shoeburyness, England, specialised in high-quality sports shoes for demanding sports use right from the start. From the very beginning, the company's founder Frank van Wezel had only one goal: to develop a lightweight and extremely comfortable shoe that would also be convincing in professional mode. Frank van Wetzel's innovative implementations can still be found in Hi-Tec's product range today. The love of movement, especially squash, was the driving force behind a successful concept.

The English manufacturer relies on the latest technically innovative developments and production techniques. Dri-Tec water protection, optimal for outdoor use. I-Shield, an in-house idea successfully implemented against dirt and grime. Thermo-Dri keeps feet dry even in unpleasant weather conditions. High-quality workmanship on all models. 

The British manufacturer's in-house think tank sets standards that are suitable for professional and semi-professional sporting demands. The basic idea of a comfortable squash shoe has been perfected over the years. The various models of the British manufacturer combine current fashion trends with innovative implementations.