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The adidas group’s wide variety of brands complement each other in a unique way to primarily help athletes perform, play and feel better. Their products break records, set trends and make history. From fashion, apparel, sneakers to accessories, adidas caters to almost every aspect of the sport and fashion conscious person. Every day. Worldwide. Three Stripes. One Brand. Welcome to adidas.

History of the brand 

The company has its origins in Germany, where it was officially registered by Adolf Dassler, brother of the founder of Puma, in 1949 under the name adidas ("Adi" für Adolf and "Das" für Dassler). At the beginning of the 1950s, the shoe company made a name for itself in the soccer industry: at the Soccer World Cup, the German national team wore adidas shoes with replaceable cleats for the first time. In the following decade, adidas also focused on the production of shoes for marginal sports such as high jump. During this time, one event in particular made an impact on the company: Germany won the 1974 World Cup in adidas shoes. Over the years, adidas changed from a sales and production-oriented company to a marketing company that was successfully introduced to the stock market in Frankfurt and Paris. In the 90s, adidas was able to increase sales of textiles by 50%, and in the same process bought the Salomon Group, which was smoothly integrated into the adidas company. But in the new millennium, this company merger dissolved again, because adidas wanted to focus more intensively on the production of sports shoes, clothing and golf equipment. At the same time, adidas signed a merger agreement with Reebok, a company of equal standing and also highly regarded in the sports industry. Together they can offer consumers a broader range of products and mutually benefit from a stronger presence among professional athletes and sporting events. .

Influence on the fashion scene 

adidas is a company in constant development and expansion to improve and consolidate its competitive position in the sports industry. As the sporting goods manufacturer has set the motto of exceeding buyers' expectations, adidas is constantly setting new standards in quality and innovative design. Like many other companies, adidas has recognized its responsibility towards the environment and operates as a sustainable company. The Green Company Initiative has inspired several other companies to also embark on the path to becoming an emission-free company. The iron will to achieve this goal has already earned adidas numerous awards, such as the silver medal for the "Sustainable Retail Company 2011". 

Collection: adidas x Palace

The adidas x Palace collection is the result of a collaboration between Palace Skateboards from GB and adidas. It combines the sporty adidas look with a skater style. 

Top models of the brand and their features

adidas ransom: In collaboration with the Canadian label Ransom Outdoor, adidas was inspired to create the shoe adidas ransom, which scores with thick fabric upper, but a lightweight profile sole and airy leather lining. The high-quality workmanship and removable insole with damping speaks additionally for the shoe. The succe