Retrosuperfuture and Vault by Vans came together to create a collection that celebrates the essence of classic streetwear culture. It includes long-sleeves and footwear and marks the first time, RETROSUPERFUTURE expands beyond the realm of eyewear.

The approach to do collaborations in the eyewear biz has become one pillar of the brand’s DNA since they started it in 2008. However, this is the first time that Retrosuperfuture expands beyond the realm of eyewear, designing a color-coded capsule collection that includes footwear and long-sleeves: The idea is based on the concept that ever since we were young kids in school, the ultimate style statement was to match your t-shirt with your sneakers.

Therefore, Retrosuperfuture’s trademark use of color on eyewear is translated on the footwear and apparel, where a strict rule of pairing has been set and respected throughout the entire collection: Natural tones are paired with contrasting vivid hues.

Khaki is paired with acid green and black is paired with a pungent purple throughout every component of the capsule collection. 
Make sure to check the whole collection here.