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Stepney Workers Club is a London brand inspired by the integrative culture of traditional workers' sports clubs. The brand message "Freedom Of Sport, Freedom Of Thought" and the handshake stand for the values, liberal thinking and unity that we associate with culture. The unisex shoes are a reinterpretation of timeless, genre-less vulcanized classics and have been adopted by various subcultures over the decades. SWC is a free thinking approach and spirit that feels relevant again today.

Stepney Workers Club - S.W.C. and the handshake

With the letters S.W.C. and the handshake in its logo, Stepney Workers Club gets to the heart of its philosophy. The London-based company pays homage to the former workers' sports clubs and the liberal idea of freedom with its shoe fashion. The label focuses on classic style and does not separate men and women by producing unisex models.

Freedom of sports, freedom of thoughts - Stepney Workers Club

Freedom of sports, freedom of thoughts: this is the message of Stepney Workers Club. Together with the handshake, S.W.C. stands for the values and culture of the working class and its sports clubs. Simple, functional and yet eye-catching is the Stepney Workers Club footwear and casual wear.

Stepney Workers Club at

Stepney Workers Club shoes are a clear statement. And so, of course, they are also available at the Allike Store. The shoes also impress with the materials used, such as a vulcanised sole and natural uppers. As unisex, they can be worn by men and women. offers the S.W.C models in Hi and Lo styles and many designs.

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FAQ about Stepney Workers Club

What kind of soles does Stepney Workers Club use for their shoes?

The soles of Stepney Workers Club shoes are vulcanised and therefore very durable and robust.

Can I order my usual shoe size from Stepney Workers Club?

Stepney Workers Club shoes should fit well in your usual size.