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New Balance - from running shoe to street style

New Balance - from running shoe to street style that can no longer be ignored

If you look at London's streets, it becomes immediately clear that New Balance is no longer 'just a running shoe', the brand has managed to develop over the last few years to an indispensable constant in the styling of young people. Whether teenager or the business woman who hurries to the meeting, New Balance with the different styles and colors, is always the right shoe and in addition a real eye-catcher. Whether the classic or one of the modern variations, the colors are almost limitless and so everyone can individually find his New Balance. However, one thing is certain, usually it does not remain with one model.

Not only stylish, but also comfortable

New Balance brings history, originally developed as a running shoe, the brand has extensive know-how of how a shoe must be so that it offers the highest wearing comfort. Thus, the soles that become stronger towards the back have almost become a trademark. But here not only the style plays a role, because the sole shape of the shoe offers the wearer a comfortable feel and lets the rolling - especially on asphalt - be easy.

In addition to the comfortable sole, New Balance also shows again and again that a high degree of accuracy goes into the development of the flow bed. Once you wear New Balance, you don't want to take them off again.

Bloggers fly on New Balance

For a long time now, bloggers - either on their own blogs, Instagram or Twitter - have been setting trends before magazines even get around to reporting on them. Daily outfit pictures ('todays outfit') show the trend shoe in all possible combinations. Either sporty with ripped skinny jeans sweatshirt and thick wool scarf or more chic, with leather skirt and denim blouse. This applies not only to the female sex, men also combine the classic wild: with a suit and slightly unbuttoned shirt, with shorts in the summer or in tracksuit on the way to the gym.

On the whole, a real classic that has undoubtedly earned its title of 'trend shoe', so what else to wait for, choose model and color and go with the trend. Because when was the last time trends were not only so comfortable but also practical and individual?