Porter by Yoshida worked together with Tokyo-based artist Russell Maurice, aka Gasius, on a special capsule collection consisting of four bags which not only look good but feel good too - with Porters finest quality made in Japan handcrafted workmanship, premium fabrics and pristine heavy black metal fittings this is undoubtedly top-notch product. Each bag style features a semi-transparent Cordura ripstop outer with printed heavy nylon inner so the print sits behind and shows through the outer layer. The four bags were carefully chosen to cover all personal bag needs: from a wallet to a small shoulder pouch for light journeys, a Helmet bag for everyday use, and a Boston bag for going away.⁠⁠
Russell Maurice talks about the character design and story “I wanted to make something that was relevant to Porter and funny too. The scenario is that the ‘Old Bag’ (an English slang term for an old person) who is a battered old suitcase, has got a little bit messed up whilst away from home, he's managed to get back to the hotel and is whistling for the Porter to carry him up to his room". 

Porter Yoshida & Co's history dates back to 1935 when Kichizo Yoshida set up his workshop. Yoshida's vision was to produce the best bags possible and he believed that Japanese craftsmen were the best in the world. The company's slogan is 'heart and soul in every stitch' and has stuck with the company throughout its entire history. Usually, each bag is produced by one craftsman from beginning to end and the aim is to constantly improve the process over time.

Gasius has been making clothing for more than 20 years now. Starting as a skate label back in 1993, Gasius was born out of an older underground label: ‘The Gasface’. (This name derives from a classic hip hop track of the same name by 3rd Bass and KMD). The brand has worked with many of the world’s leading stores and has collaborated with companies such as Givenchy, Medicom, Porter, Stussy and Nike. Gasius was founded by artist Russell Maurice starting with 10 hand-painted t-shirts and slowly developing into an underground staple… with a pinch of humor. These 10 hand-painted t-shirts were custom made for friends and the money from the sales of these paid for the first batch of printed t-shirts selling in UK Skate stores like Slam City. 'The Gasface' was one of, if not the first UK Company to put Graffiti on clothing. After a decade running as The Gasface the birth of a new line came to be: Gasius.

The collection is available now at our online shop.