EDWIN X RAMEN - Allike Store


Don’t know what to wear to your next Ramen date? Japanese denim brand Edwin got you covered - with their Ramen-themed capsule collection “Ramen YA”.

You like Ramen, don’t you? From now on, you do not have to ask yourself about what to wear for your next Ramen date. Why? Because Japanese denim brand Edwin made it their mission to provide you with the perfect gear to eat your Ramen in style.

They sat down with french illustrator Apollo Thomas (guess is, he loves Ramen, too) and together they created the limited capsule collection “Ramen YA”, which consists of two T-Shirts with a Ramen-themed back- and chest print. And as if the shirts themselves aren’t enough, each order comes with a give-away pack including an Edwin tote bag, a Japanese teacup, a notebook and some pens.

Of course, we had to visit our favorite Ramen spot and shoot a nice little editorial for the collection. See the pics from the shoot below and head over to our Edwin brand page to shop the collection.