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We welcome 032c to our roster of brands.

⁠The 032c magazine was founded in Berlin in 2000 and is edited by Joerg Koch and art directed by Mike Meiré. The 032c apparel line is creatively directed by Maria Koch.

Their new collection is called "Anthem" after the song by Leonard Cohen. In the club, an anthem is a safe and loose hymn of convergence. An “anthem” is an imperfect representation of its time, a story in progress, and a story of deterioration. The anthem compromises the authority of its maker and the integrity of its trajectory. Anthems tell stories and bring threads together, sometimes imperfectly; they describe design themes that run through venues, meeting points, and genres, as points of unpredictable access. 

The 032c Spring/Summer collection is called “Anthem” because it is an exploration of the constructive and essential breaks in all things – of the scaffolding that helps keep in the architecture of clothing.

Shop the collection here.