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Tokyo based lifestyle label retaW was co-founded by Hiroshi Fujiwara in 2009, with a defining approach for blending scents to create unique fragrances. Each fragrance by retaW has been developed with the utmost care and sophistication. Like your favourite clothes or moment in time, choose the scent that matches your mood. retaW is a fragrance for your body and soul.

retaW - Fragrance and composition from the land of the 5 elements

With retaW, the Japanese Hiroshi Fujiwara founded one of the most important labels in the field of fragrance in Japan. The well-known fashion designer has created a completely new line with this fragrance and brings the senses to life. Modern fragrances, classic notes and a special feeling for their harmony characterise retaW. It is not without reason that the label has managed to inspire a large circle of people within a short time.

retaW - more than lifestyle and beauty

The products of retaW have long been regarded differently than just lifestyle and beauty. retaW reflects much more the spirit of the designer and forms the unity of body and soul. Musk, cedarwood, amber and jasmine mix with bergamot, lily of the valley or orange to create intoxicating creations without losing their grounding.

Distinctive retaW compositions for body and space at

When fragrance and care merge into a special unity, retaW probably has a hand in it. The exquisite products of the Japanese fragrance company have a permanent place in the range. Pamper your skin with creams and balms or turn your home into an aromatic oasis of a special kind.

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FAQ about retaW products

Are retaW care products well tolerated and free of allergens?

The care products from retaW belong to the high quality products that are well tolerated and of course tested.

Can you refill room scent bottles from retaW?

Yes, you can get fragrances to refill for certain products. Use the Room Oil for this, which you can also apply to the tags for your car.