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Snow Peak was founded by Yukio Yamai and has since then expanded into the US from Japan back 1999. Through its more than 60 year history, the core values and mission of Snow Peak have been unwavered. Snow Peak embraces their customers’ perspective as theirs own and prioritize rigorous internal testing to create truly innovative equipment. Their relationship with their customers is the highest priority, so each year Snow Peak hosts the annual Snow Peak Way campout at headquarters around the globe. Snow Peak Way provides the unique opportunity for customers to meet and talk with each other, fostering a close-knit community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and fans all over the world. Today, the rapid evolution of technology has accelerated the convenience of our daily lives but has led us to sacrifice precious human-to-human interactions. Snow Peak products and experiences create opportunities to reconnect with each other and the natural world, ultimately restoring part of our human spirit.

Snow Peak

The Japanese company Snow Peak was founded in 1958 by the mountaineer Yukio Yamai. The Japanese climber, like so many other mountaineers, attempted to climb the famous Japanese mountain Tanigawa. To achieve this, he wanted to create his own first-class equipment for the climb. The entrepreneur began to produce innovative material and thus started the beginnings of the Snow Peak company.

High quality items for the outdoor fan

Until the 1980s, the company was known as one of the leaders in high-quality climbing equipment, before it decided to expand its range. Initially, the range was expanded to include camping products, as there was a real camping boom in Japan in the 80s. For a few years now, the Asian company has also been presenting products from the lifestyle sector.

Useful outdoor articles and cool fashion

In the Allike online store, you will not only find cool streetwear from the Japanese outdoor specialist, but also numerous utensils that are always useful for a trip into nature. The unique combination of cool streetwear and high functionality, which is also helpful in the outdoor sector, makes the brand so interesting for a large clientele. The stylish pieces come in subtle colours inspired by nature.

The collection in the Allike Store

Fashion-conscious outdoor fans can order the versatile outfits of the Japanese cult manufacturer from the online store in Hamburg. The range of stylish Snow Peak styles extends from classic shirts and multifunctional jackets to hard-wearing shorts for exciting adventures in the great outdoors. To ensure that you are optimally equipped for your outback trip, you can also find accessories in the Allike online shop, such as backpacks or insulated bottles that keep cold drinks warm or cold as required.

The Hamburg-based supplier of cool street styles and multifunctional fashion is one of the trusted shops and offers its customers the greatest security when shopping. The retailer offers checkout via PayPal, Billpay, Amazon Pay or credit card via a secure site so that data cannot be intercepted.

Uncomplicated ordering- fast delivery

The goods are delivered to the customer as quickly as possible. All items from the Allike online shop are shipped via DHL Go Green. The company, which is commissioned by Deutsche Post, delivers parcels throughout Germany in a climate-neutral manner. UPS delivers to Allike customers in other EU countries.