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Sneaker Freaker is an Australian independent magazine dedicated to coverage of topics relating to sneakers. The magazine was launched in 2002 and it is sold in over 50 countries. Sneaker Freaker was originally conceived as a means for its founder and editor, Simon Wood, to get free shoes.

The magazine is a tri-annual magazine, with Russian, Spanish and German language versions of the magazine also produced.

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The story behind the brand

Actually, Simon 'Woody' Wood only wanted to get free shoes when he published the magazine "Sneaker Freaker" for the first time in October 2002. The magazine was written within a week. Initially, he emailed his magazine to friends, asking them to forward it to other sneaker enthusiasts.

The magazine was only printed at that time because a friend of Simon Wood owed him a favour. The young Simon Wood received 1000 printed copies of his first issue. Unsuspecting, he first gave away the copies of his first edition, for which one now has to pay up to 300 US dollars. The magazine can be purchased in over 40 countries and is now the trend magazine when it comes to sneakers.

What makes the brand special

The brand is a world leader in sneaker culture. It grew out of a passion for shoes that, contrary to what one might think, does not concern a small fringe group. We also follow this concept in our shop! In our Allike store, too, everything revolves around the latest brands and trends.

What we offer

The variety of brands on offer at the Allike store covers almost the entire world. From Paris to London, Tokyo, USA, Canada to Portugal and the Scandinavian countries. Of course, we also offer numerous classics from Converse, Vans, Adidas, Puma and Nike. But also progressive brands like Norse Projects, Wood Wood, Filling Pieces, Han Kjøbenhavn and many more. Furthermore, as a true sneaker fan, you can also get the Sneaker Freaker magazine from our shop. The magazine deals with sneaker culture and thus knows all the trends from global players to underdogs.

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