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Hailing from the UK, Sex Skateboards is skateboarding and everything you don't know about skateboarding.

Its output is infused with the natural DNA of skateboarding - that, which has made independent skateboarding indefinable for all this time.

Sex Skateboards

From England comes a new, stylish brand: Skateboards. Their concept is minimal and ingenious. They offer shirts, hoodies, boxer shorts, socks, track buttoms or caps in uncomplicated plain. The colours are black, pink or white. There is always a print. The shirts have a large, shoulder-wide print on the back and one on the chest. To represent the brand name, the prints contain the lettering, the Sex logo.

AOP alienated with the word Sex

One series of them bears the AOP logo. This one is the lip outline. It originally appeared as a neon installation. They put the word sex to it and printed it on his collection with the name: SEX SKATEBOARDS SEX AOP. With the print there are socks, beanies, hoodies, shirts, boxer shorts, smog mask, jackets, tees.

I love Sex collection

The I love Sex print collection is not quite as extensive as the SEX AOP collection. However, the print is stylistically quite similar. The colours are black, white or pink, and the cuts are straight but comfortable. The fabrics are comfortable to wear. The fabrics are cotton and easy to care for.

The SEXTOWN collection by Sex Skateboards x Dogtown Skates

SEXTOWN features the Dogtown cross overprinted with the Sex ülogo. This collection brings the credo of them: "Our only crime is being original“ to the point.

The Dogtown Cross was designed by C.R. Stecyk III for Skateboarder Magazine in 1976. Wes Humpston and Jim Muir made it famous on skateboards as art and paint designs. The Dogtown Cross is always popular. For SEXTOWN they used it for his collaboration Basics. With high quality fabrics and a unique colouring method for rainbow designs, the Dogtown Cross has made a great revival.