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Pleasures exists in the depths of your mind. From your deepest darkest feelings to extreme moments of sensation, Pleasures is a graphically charged unisex brand based in Los Angeles. With a strong 90’s
influence and a focus on unique subcultures, Pleasures represents a new global movement in street fashion.

The streetwear brand "Pleasures"

The success story of the streetwear label "Pleasures"

The streetwear label was founded in 2015 by Alex James, co-founder of the label "Publish", and his partner. Their intention was to create a clothing brand that was different from the typical streetwear brands. The unique garments quickly became popular with many shoppers. Celebrities have also been spotted wearing the label's clothes. For example, The Weeknd, Kylie Jenner and Wiz Khalifa. Playboi Carti also wore the T-shirt with the motif "A girl is a gun" in one of his music videos. The brand quickly gained a foothold in the global market, with a particularly large turnover in the Asian market.

Special features of the Pleasures brand

The brand is characterised by the fact that it does not focus on the usual themes of the scene such as weapons, blood or naked women. Instead, their style is inspired by the hardcore punk scene. The unisex brand deals with current topics such as women's rights or political statements with the help of its clothing. In contrast to the many designer brands on the streetwear market, the price-performance ratio is coherent.

"Pleasures" at Allike

Of course, you can also find the brand's popular clothing at Allike. In addition to the unique garments, we also offer accessories such as bags and pendants. From T-shirts to sweatshirts and headwear, you will find everything you need here.


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