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Carhartt for timelessly beautiful garments.

Carhartt is a stylish and trendy fashion line that has its roots in the USA. However, the label is not only popular in America, but also in Europe. In the early days, the team specialised in high-quality garments for the working world, but now also has many timeless classics for young people and adults.

Carhartt shirts with cosiness and comfort

Shirts by Carhartt look stylish and above all offer the wearer extra comfort. The casual cut and informal style are striking. Carhartt shirts like these go well with a wide variety of trousers. The shirts also come in different colours like grey, red and black. Some shirts have exciting prints. Other shirts do not have any other extras.

Allike Store with good assortment of Carhartt - not only shirts

If you browse through the Allike Store, you will find an extensive selection of clothes from Carhartt. Besides the practical shirts, there are also Carhartt shirts and beanies. Trousers, jumpers and jackets for men and women are also part of the range.

Conveniently buy Carhartt shirts

Shopping at the Allike Store is very easy and convenient. With just a few clicks, you select your desired shirt, place it in the shopping cart and send the order. The products from the shop will be delivered to you within a few days. We offer a Trusted Shops guarantee, which stands for security. You can pay with PayPal, Billpay invoice or Amazon Pay.


How many degrees should I wash the Carhartt shirts?

Carhartt shirts are designed to be easy to care for. It is best to check the washing instructions for the shirt. But you can hardly go wrong with 30 to 40°C.

Do Carhartt shirts bleach out?

They are high quality Carhartt shirts that do not fade easily. They are of high quality. You can expect the shirts to shine colourfully for a long time.